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Wisconsin Bow Hunting - 18 Point May be a Record

Wisconsin Bow Hunting, In Marathon County George Harvanek took down an 18-point whitetail with 3 shots from his bow..

Many veterans of deer hunting have lain awake the hours preceding opening day pondering, "Which stand should I use?" George Harvanek is no different then the next avid bow hunter.

"My dad and I had already talked about and decided on where we'd each sit on opening day," said George Harvanek. "But when I got up that morning, I changed my mind."

George's buck turned out to be a non-typical, 18-point buck and an antler spread of 21 1/2 -inch. The buck was green-scored at 215 points as goes the Boone and Crockett scale. If this score holds true, the score will be the highest Boone and Crockett rated deer, according to Wisconsin Trophy Records, published by Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club.

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